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 to the Class of 1969 50th Reunion  Online

Our 50th Reunion website is an exciting way to reconnect and rediscover what the Class of 1969 has been doing since we last met. Even if you couldn't  come to campus June 7-9, you can share ideas and news here. It all starts with your Profile.

Getting Started: Create your Profile and login password. Click Classmates Profiles (tab at top) or Join Here (upper right Sign-In box). Find your name on the list. Click it. Follow the 4-Step Profile Wizard prompts. Upload photos and/or videos. Write captions or comments.

Need Help Using this website?  Click Need Help on the menu at the top of the page for instructions and problem solving.. You can always come back later to expand or edit your Profile. 

*This site works best through Chrome or Firefox. If you are having issues with Safari, the site should work if you check to allow cookies in your settings. 

·  Go to Not Yet Joined This Site (left sidebar menu) to encourage classmates and others connected to Beloit College to join the website.

·  Check out Where Are They?  to see any of your friends on you know how to get in touch with. Please do. Ask them to join us here.

Follow and post comments on the Discussion Threads page on just about any topic. Although “politics” is not verboten, we’re hoping for healthy and civil discourse relating in some way to the College and its graduates. Your contributions will make these forums much more interesting. 

Note: We could use help keeping this going. Remember the old party line telephone operators?  If you love connecting, listening and adding a few thoughts here and there...pitch in!  We will love you back. 



         We're Still Here! 

Already more than 90 of us have signed in to share stories, ideas, pictures and memories. How about you?  Why restrict that enthusiasm to just a few days?

What or who do you miss?  What do you wonder about? What would you like to see happening at the College and around the world, now and in the future?  Tell us!  Inquiring minds (really) do want to know.  Be courageous.  Be happy; surprised.  Be assured that a bunch of us who spent four years or so on the banks of the Rock River in the late 60s still think the slogan "Be Beloit" means something.

This an open invitation to do just that.  Invite friends from other classes to contribute their thoughts, too.  Let's aim for 100 people here by the end of December.  Your active participation can make it happen.  

You must be logged in to submit this survey. Please use the login box in the upper right corner.

Outstanding (or should we say still standing...?). This group of high achieving, friendly, attractive, loving, funny, memorable, friendly, courteous, kind, disobedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, loyal and otherwise remarkable human beings in the Class of 1969 are now enshrined in the history of Beloit College.  If the picture you received in the mail isn't big enough, enlarge this one. Post a digital version and enjoy the moment. 

Can you identify the one missing name?  (Hint: He has a beard).

Christopher (Kit) Jones Still Plays Center...

and This Time He Also Sang     

Friday evening after the Golden Hoods Dinner reunion attendees were able to hear songwriter Kit Jones performing tunes he has written over the past 50 years.  Here's a hint of what' he sang: "The Sweetness of This,"  If you missed his performance at the Wright Art Center, yiou can  can visit ChristopherMarkJones.com to hear songs from France, England, the American Midwest and Beloit, his home town.  



Reunion Jazz Band Returns to its Roots

The Reunion Jazz Band featuring Don Carson'71, Mike Kearsey'71, and Mike Scavotto'69 joined us during Reunion Weekend as we celebrated the band's 50th anniversary of playing together since their time at Beloit. Full story by Susan Kasten HERE. By the way, you can get a copy of their CD.  As soon as we figure out the logistics of getting the CDs to you, we'll let you know.

Don't you think that photographs make this site Much More Interesting?

For example...The fellow in this photo (a Distinguished Service Citation winner you should know ) is a living example of why certain geology students are known for their affiliation with something called the "Leaky Boots".  In this photo in Wilmington, Delaware in the early 70s, he demonstrates the point.  

Have courage, fellow 1969ers.  Pictures from your past, present and future are what makes this website come alive.  Please share pictures and stories here.  


•   Barbara Sands (Royal)  8/11
•   Ellen FitzSimmons (Steinberg)  7/27
•   David Knottnerus (Knottnerus)  7/24
•   Terry Hamm (Hamm)  6/28
•   Jennifer Giancarlo-Grow  6/21
•   Nancy Biederman (Mullarkey)  6/12
•   Blake Thurman (Thurman)  6/11
•   Ellen Lowery  6/10
•   Elizabeth Blaney (Boswell)  6/10
•   Katy Phillips  6/10
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1 lives in Arizona
8 live in California
3 live in Colorado
2 live in Connecticut
1 lives in District Of Columbia
2 live in Florida
2 live in Georgia
10 live in Illinois
3 live in Iowa
1 lives in Kansas
3 live in Maine
2 live in Maryland
1 lives in Massachusetts
3 live in Michigan
4 live in Minnesota
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2 live in Montana
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5 live in Oregon
4 live in Pennsylvania
2 live in South Carolina
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2 live in Vermont
7 live in Virginia
5 live in Wisconsin
1 lives in Ontario
1 lives in Quebec
333 location unknown


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